Thursday, March 3, 2011

I decided to finally work with some alpaca I purchased a while back. The color is a pretty shade of rust and I like it a lot. What i don't like is the problem I'm having combing or carding, or just plain handling it. The bag did not say if it was Suri or Huacaya. It's very straight and handles more like fine human hair than fiber. I was hoping to use it as is, but may need to blend it with wool to get it to not be so flyaway, and fluff it a bit.
I would appreciate any ideas, or suggestions, or any expertise from fiber artists that raise, or work with alpaca fibers.
Thanks a bunch,


  1. It's definately Suri Alpaca! You can card it, comb it, blend it or spin it straight. I'd suggest, due to the length and the fact that it doesn't have much lock structure, that you run it through your drum carder with some merino or BFL. Maybe add a bit of silk or bamboo. You will fall in love with Suri. Don't be afraid of doesn't bite.

  2. Working with alpaca is a joy! I hope you have a wonderful time blending it as WWGal recommends. Nice colors for your blog!

  3. I'm new to most fibers and It looked just like human hair to me. My mother is the spinner and knitter in my family, I just started needlefelting, but it all looks like fun!, can't wait to see what you make with this...