Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yes, I needed MORE fiber!

I went to the "Sheep in the City" getaway today. It was waaaay in Milwaukee (that's a bit of a drive for me) I believe the shop-Just for Ewe sponsors it. It looked like a nice big group was there spinning and knitting and other such things in the middle of the room. There weren't a lot of vendors there-but it was all good quality stuff. Lael from Hearthside fibers was there. She's practically a neighbor of mine. I feel really lucky-I have a fleece reserved from one of her sheep when they shear this year (it's a beautiful brown). We talked about me possible getting a white fleece, too. I bought three braids of wool roving from her-Berry Patch, Marshmallow Chick and Frog Legs. I bought some bamboo from Fiber Lady. I also got some Frill yarn for making the corkscrew scarves. Then I got a really pretty pattern for a shawl from Corny Goodness. I wanted to buy some of their yarn, but ran out of money. They explained the whole process of how their yarn is made from corn. YES, corn! Its beautiful. I have their card so I can order some in the future.
So that's it-more fluffy stuff to add to the stash. I got me some spinnin' to do!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bunny Time

I was feeling the need to make a doll lately. It's been a while. I just happened to find a cute pattern in the latest Create and Decorate magazine and knew I had to make her. She didn't take long to do, and I used mostly scraps of fabric I had stashed away. I'll probably give her to my granddaughter for Easter. Or, I may need to make another for me.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How to get things done

Well, one way to get a LOT of wool picking done is to go crazy and use the picker like a mad woman--like I did a couple weeks ago. I was having issues with some nasty pain that wouldn't let me relax. The only way to quell the pain was to keep moving. So I grabbed some wool and pushed and pulled that ol' picker for a few evenings in a row. Then the pain meds kicked in and I could finally relax. I got around to piling up the bags of wool and couldn't believe I got that much done. Whew!