Saturday, December 3, 2011


Valuable lesson sure thread holding zillions of seed beads is strong enough to for plying with wool on new spinning end up with said beads all over the living room floor. Taught myself some new cuss words, too! I did manage to get some pretty yarn made before the break. Now to break out the vacuum cleaner.


  1. I wondered what that loud cursing was that I heard coming across two counties :D Thanks for the warning!

  2. Boy, I feel your pain, I've had that happen too. Now I stop spinning every 10-15 beads and knot one off so that if there is a break either while spinning, knitting or wearing the garment made with the yarn, they wont all work loose. Your yarn turned out really pretty! I can see the seed beads nestled into the twist of the yarn.

  3. Luscious yarn!! It is just gorgeous and reminds me some Alp Oriental I used in a scarf.