Thursday, December 8, 2011


Well, I decided to try to fill the bobbin on "Maxine" and didn't quite get there-but made a huge 1 pound ball of yarn. From there I plied it with some homespun, some silk, and various fun fur and eyelash yarns. I had to go to the hardware store to get PVC pipe to make a bigger niddy-noddy to wind the skein. I ended up with 124 yards of big fluffy crazy art yarn. Now I need to decide what to make with it. Although, I may just leave it hanging around for inspiration.


  1. Just lovely and yes so nice you could just have it admire all on its own.
    love the blends.

  2. Wow! A pound of yarn and it still hasn't filled the bobbin. LOVE IT! I am thinking about making a Santa hat using my handspun art yarn as the white by the head...yours would work perfect for that too.

    Or the trim on a shawlette or a cowl. Oh, my head is spinning with possibilities.

  3. Spectacular! Very beautiful and impressive spinning!

  4. this is just awesome, love the new wheel Maxine and your yarn looks very exciting indeed :) I have 2lb bobbins with my SpinOlution Mach ll oversized novelty art yarn flyer set up, its crazy in that its so giant and I've only ever come close to filling one bobbin like you have here, but I love the size, look and feel of it all. Its fantastic to read about your adventure with your new wheel, long may it continue :) Helen x