Friday, October 14, 2011

Keeping Busy

I've been busy trying to squeeze in bits of play time in between all the working hours lately. I've puttered around with all kinds of dying since my natural dye class at the WI woolfest. We tried all kinds of flowers and weeds-most gave us interesting yellows and golds. Then we mixed up a batch of indigo-OOOOHHH-I fell in love with that stuff. I of course had to try it at home-I learned that next time I'll be doing it outside-STINK-EEEE!!. But love those blues.
I've also been doing some weaving, and generally just playing with wool (when I'm not napping in front of the TV) I dream of retirement every day and hope I can actually manage to do it. I would love to immerse myself in wool and other fibers every day.


  1. I love all of the photos and your creations. I have put my weaving on the back burner and have been in knitting mode. I really need to get that larger loom so I can make larger woven fabric...maybe a Christmas gift to myself?

  2. looks like so much fun, I want to retire to play too!

  3. I'm interested in natural dyes and have been doing lots of reading on the subject. Sounds like a class would be lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your experience with the indigo dye and the odor. Each good tip learned along the way will make for a good dying experience for me this spring.