Monday, September 28, 2009

Amish inspiration

After my visit to the Amish community, I was inspired to create a few batts of the wonderful colors if the clothing they wear. They are made with black alpaca, teal, straw, and white wools. I love how they turned out and I spun some yarn from one right away to see how they turn out-Love it! I have some other colors besides teal to mix in and maybe veer off to add some glitz just because I like glitz.
I have one alpaca picture here because of visiting Felvolden alpaca farm on Saturday-It was national alpaca days-I bought some fiber from them(of course) and learned even more about alpacas. What a great weekend I had!!


  1. That's a great color combination - I would never have thought of it, but the Amish inspiration is obvious! :D

  2. Hello they are a beautiful color blend. Love to see what you will make :) Enjoy your day.