Friday, August 14, 2009

In a moment of weakness-I reached into the mohair bin and just grabbed-and whatever came out would be the next bear I would make. I was inspired to make one because of the teddy bear club I belong to-Good Bears of the World-(we give bears where they are in need) Anyway, I brought the supplies to club last night and got started, drawing and cutting. I forgot my pins, so
I couldn't pin the pieces there. I'll get to that later this weekend. Now-I have to drag out the sewing machine and dust it off. I needed this project like I need another hole in my head. Oh well,
idle hands...blah blah blah....
Oh, by the way, a big thank you to Katy for the bunny, alpaca smackdown--I was the winner of the skein of alpaca yarn--I"m on pins and needles til it gets to my door. Woo-hoo!!!!!


  1. Can't wait to see this guy put together!

  2. I love that you're involved in such a great project, "Good Bears of the World-(we give bears where they are in need)". I love Teddy Bears!

    I like the way you're my kinda gal! Art is for health and for fun...the money part is a bonus and if you don't get it...think of all the fun you'll have along the way!

    I sold my work for years and don't now...but I don't care. I have fun and it's so worth it. (Cuz I'm just a kid at heart and love to play!)


  3. Making a bear is so much more worthwhile than any of that boring housework stuff ;o) I too can't wait to see what you do with both the mohair & the alpaca yarn!