Saturday, June 14, 2014

Good Luck on Friday the 13th.

I had a day off work-that made it a GREAT Friday the 13th.  I got out all the stuff and recipes for making an indigo dye vat.  I used a 5 gallon bucket out on my deck and dyed anything I could grab.  I had some older skeins of yarn I had spun and wasn't crazy about the color-and I had some I purposely spun up for this project.  I had some fabric pieces from my stash, and a T shirt, a white cotton shirt and an old faded denim shirt to throw in the pot.  The results were amazing.  I plan to do more.  I happen to have this 5 gallon bucket now that's full of indigo.  Anyone want to come by and do some dyeing?

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  1. If I lived closer, I'd totally be there! Love the indigo display of goodies!