Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saori Banner

Here is my first Saori style of weaving. I had intended for it to be a scarf-but it ended up being 10 feet long-I sort of miscalculated-a bit. Oh well-I love it and will use it as a banner. All of the weft yarns are handspun. I have a large stash of practice yarns and that's what I used-with a little roving and locks thrown in here and there. I'm getting ready now to make another banner for a weave-a-long going on at the Saori weaving group on Ravelry. I'll be using mostly the yarns I've had stashed forever and haven't found a use for-and I have a lot of those. I hope I can remember how to put the warp on the loom-and not make it way longer than I need.


  1. Does "miscalculated" mean you were having so much fun you didn't want to stop? :D

  2. This is so WONDERFUL, Kathi!!!

  3. I really do have big loom envy ;-)

    I just want to reach through the computer and feel the texture of your weaving. 10 ft long? Perfect for the centerpiece on the dining room table too (ok, the holiday one where the all the parts have been added to make it extra long)

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  4. Awesome!

    Happy Fiber Arts Friday

  5. The same thing happened to me with a scarf I made last summer!!

  6. Ahh, my goal is to weave a sampler with my initial handspun yarns once I have my loom up and running.

    Your scarf/runner is beautiful.