Friday, January 1, 2010

Passage of Time

Happy New Year! Hope all is well with everyone and that this year brings peace, joy and love to all.

I am posting pictures of a piece I made to honor my dad. He's been gone now for 27 years. I still miss his smiling face and lighthearted personality.

I learned the techniques to make this piece in a class taught by Richard Salley at Raeven's Nest Art retreat. I love how it turned out. I feel that it belongs with my brother, and will be giving it to him for a Christmas present. I sure hope he likes it.


  1. Kathi, this is GORGEOUS. What a loving tribute to your dad - I'm sure he'd love it and he'd be so proud of you! :D Happy New Year to you!

  2. This is wonderful, and I'm sure your brother will be touched (& impressed). And yes, we'll have to have a crafty get-together or two this year!