Sunday, December 20, 2009

wrappin' things up

I loved how my home-made paper turned out, I just had to use it for something--so--I made little envelopes to hold the Christmas ornaments I made for the gals I work with. Now I need to find some way to make cute boxes or something with the rest of the paper-maybe even a book cover or something. Its too pretty to just stuff in my paper drawer.


  1. Wish I worked with you.
    The paper looks beautiful.

  2. Wow! that paper is beautiful-I've known for the past 30 years how talented you are!

  3. Fantastic Papers Kathi! I could see them folded into little take-out boxes. I bet you could find a pattern online somewhere. BTW, you are partly responsible for getting me started on needle felting. I was so thrilled with the needle felted flower ATC that I got from you in trade that I had to try it for myself. Now I make needle felted purses, ATCs, hats, and felt designs onto throw blankets, etc.