Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just posted a few pictures of some of my past work and things I've been working on lately. Hope whoever sees them likes them. I've been obsessed with hammering lately-mostly I've used copper wire and a little copper sheeting. I'm taking a class this Thursday night to make hammered copper earrings and a necklace. I'll be learning to do cold joining-I'm really looking forward to it. I swing back and forth between doing jewelry and spinning at my spinning wheel. Talk about two totally different artistic mediums. But, I figured out a way to "marry" them by wrapping fiber around the wire. Its a lot of fun. I try to keep finding new ways to work with my favorite "stuff". I hope some day to feel confident enough to sell some items in my own etsy store--I'm working up to it. It's not the stuff I make I worry about-its the working with the computer-its always a challenge-but I'll get there eventually.

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