Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Two Days of Wooly Fun

The whole reason for the weekend

Eco dying class-picking out plant materials

rolling up the silk scarf with plants

steaming silk bundles

my finished scarves

We also did some flower pounding, which was great fun but very noisy.  Not sure I will do this at home, but it produced some interesting results.  Now I have to wait another whole year to take more classes and overdose on all the wonderful wooly goodness that is at Wisconsin's Sheep and Wool Festival.

Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 WI Sheep and Wool Festival

I LOVE Woolfest!!  I took a felted bangle bracelet class this morning from a Milwaukee felt artist-Jan Falk.  She did a fantastic job and she's such  nice lady.  One of the other students was in a class I took back in April at the WI Spin In.  Small world.  We talked all about felting, of course.  I definitely learned some new techniques to make more felted jewelry.  At least I have all the tools and a ton of supplies for these new projects. (Although, it did not keep me from buying more wool.)

And here's today's haul that will help keep my fiber addiction going for a long time.

The finished felted bangle bracelets-the first of many more to come, I'm sure.