Sunday, July 21, 2013

Good Clean Fun

I ventured into a new hobby yesterday-Hand Made Soap.  I was felting soap one day about a week ago using soap I bought at the dollar store.  A little voice asked me if I could do this with hand made soap, and I could not stop thinking about making my own soap.  So...With a trip to the dollar store for tools and supplies, and Wal-mart for oils and such I was armed and ready.  I just happened to have a jar of lye left from my adventure with indigo dying so I had all I needed.  The internet is such a wonderful tool-I think I watched every You Tube video there is out there, read a zillion blogs and websites and then found the Soaping 101 group on Facebook.  I got the confidence to give it a try.  The dangers of using lye scared me a bit.  But I took all the safety precautions and just plowed ahead.  It was fun to make, I felt a bit like a chemist, and I even got the bonus of a good cleaning of part of my kitchen for the project.  So after getting each batch in a mold I had to wait overnight for the reveal--TA DA!!-I have soap!!  They came out of the cheapo molds I used and cut up very easily.  They now have to air cure for about 4 weeks before I can use them.  I'm already thinking of what I can make next.