Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hand made paper

Yesterday I tried my hand at making some denim paper. I had help from Sophie and we chopped up some denim from and old pair of jeans into teen tiny bits, threw them in the blender with some torn up envelopes from junk mail and made 18 sheets of really cool "jeans" paper.   Then today I spent most of the day making more paper.  I had an old catalog made from really cool paper that I wanted to recycle and then just added some dye to get some different colors.  It took a while to perfect the method-but putting the pieces on my french door's glass to dry worked just great.  I love the results and can't wait for them to dry.  Not sure when I'll do this again-I'm all pooped out.  I'll just sit now and try to design some cool paper jewelry to make with my new creations.


Here is the most recent work I've finished-a shawl for Sophie.  She specifically asked for those colors and wanted it made just like one I had made for myself a while back.  She's such a ham for the camera.