Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paper is fiber, too!!

I discovered a new technique for making some pendants and earrings from several layers of watercolor paper and good old Elmer's glue-all. I made some simple shapes and glued them together.  The top layer of most of them is watercolor paint randomly drizzled here and there on a sheet of paper.  Then I just picked out the nicest areas to cut out a shape and glued that to the tops.  A couple of the pieces have a top layer of some handmade paper I made a while ago.  None of them are quite done yet, they need several layers of high gloss varnish.  I'm really liking how this process works.  I learned it all from here:

I hope to finish them this weekend, then use some hand spun yarns and copper wire for the "chains".  I'm anxious to get these finished and see how they turn out.