Friday, April 22, 2011


Yup, another new toy-this time, really, its a toy! I found this listed on e-bay and I just had to have it.

Weaving Fun

Who knew? Since I got my loom I've been having a lot of fun making stuff. I really never thought much about having a loom before now, but I can't imagine ever not having one in the future. I joined a Saori weaving group on Ravelry and got in on a Weave-a-long to make a banner. It's about 18 inches wide by 8 feet long. I had a theme in mind as I was weaving-Wisconsin's Springtime (I think that's a fantasy right now.) I tried to incorporate all the feelings of the weather, and the greening of the grass, and there's even a robin in there. I also tried to create an image of a tornado, cuz unfortunately we have those in the spring, too. At the end of May the group will be sending our banners to one person, and she will divide them up and swap them with other members. It will be fun to see what we all get.
One other thing I decided to try is a rag rug. I wasn't sure how to go about doing it at all. I was able to glean bits of information off the internet-but there really isn't much detail on how to weave rugs. Well, I gave it a try and am pretty happy with the result. For my first try its pretty straight, and colorful. It measures 26"x39". I have a LOT more warp on the loom to make a couple more, and loads and loads of fabric to cut into strips. I can see though, that if I want to make a career out of making rugs I have to get a heavier loom. Mine worked okay, but it kept "traveling" while beating the weft in place. Sooooo, if anyone out there hears of a good heavy duty rug loom that needs a good home, let me know (now remember, I'm what you'd call frugal-okay, okay-cheap) It needs to be a good deal-like maybe free! And of course there's that problem of where to put it-I'll work out those details later.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spin In Weekend

Well I finally got to go to my classes and do some serious damage to my checking account this weekend. I went to the Wisconsin Spin In in Pewaukee, WI. My class on Friday was all day spinning with Amy Tyler. It was blending color at the wheel. We had such a nice relaxing day. Then I went to visit all the vendors and bought some goodies. Saturday was a morning class with Chiaki O'Brien-Saori Weaving. I was really fun. I got a little more in depth learning about the Saori style of weaving, and it was nice to get to know Chiaki. She was so sweet. I bought the Saori book and when she showed me her picture on the cover I had her autograph it. (I bet she thought I was goofy). I really enjoyed using the special Saori loom. They are very simple and easy to use. I'll be starting a loom "kitty" to get myself one sometime in the future. They're small, I'll find room-really.