Sunday, September 19, 2010

Had some fun trying some core-spinning with wire as the core. I first carded some random wool with lots of angelina and firestar for glitz. I put lots of different colors. I then took the batt that I made and split it into four long strips. Then I predrafted each strip til fairly thin and just barely holding together. I used 24g wire on a spool and attatched one end to my leader on the spinning wheel. I let the spool just roll around on the floor while spinning Z (clockwise) and just feeding the fiber on , from the right, at a 90 degree angle. I let the wire just glide across the top of my left hand. The only problem is the spinning wheel doesn't pull it on to the bobbin. You have to spin a length and the wind it on by hand, but that is really the hardest part of the process. I just love how it turns out and plan to make much more. I'm sure it will make great necklaces and bracelets.